June 2012 Newsletter

June, 2012. This customer newsletter is sent as a courtesy from ezTaxReturn.com.
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Rent or buy? Ownership may be the way to go

Low interest rates and low prices may now make owning less expensive than renting. If you’re a renter, this is a wealth building opportunity to be considered! The Janesville, Wis., Gazette (06/03/2012)

Save money by refinancing your auto loan

With low interest rates, you can keep extra money in your pocket when refinancing your home mortgage. You can do the same with your auto loan, too! PR Newswire (06/04/2012)

Fast-track disability claims with SSA

Is the economic environment giving you PPSD (Post Paycheck Stress Disorder)? You may not be able to claim PPSD for disability benefits, but Uncle Sam is streamlining approval of claims if you can’t work because of a disability.
PR Newswire (06/04/2012)

Getting mortgage relief from your lender? If not, try this

Major lenders are not the only ones offering mortgage relief to struggling homeowners. With some persistence, you may be able to get some relief from your own bank. South Florida Sun-Sentinel (05/31/2012)

“Solopreneurship” creates business opportunity

Have lots of experience but no job? Become a “supertemp” and create your own opportunities. The Tribune, Mesa, Ariz. (05/31/2012)

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