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Money-saving tips: small change adds up

Want to save money? No matter how many different money saving tips you’ve discovered, you may find one here you’ve never read before.
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Personal finance tips for Tweens

Financial literacy can start at a very young age, but when a child enters middle school they should start learning these money skills.
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Why credit monitoring won’t help you after a data breach

Checking your credit score regularly is a smart thing to do, but what should you do if your credit information was stolen from a retailer?
© 2014 the Chicago Tribune

Can credit cards improve finances?

Using a credit card can have a positive affect on your finances. But make sure you follow these guidelines to keep your credit strong.
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Mortgage rates continue to decline as Fed lowers stimulus

Mortgage rates were slightly down last week. Now may be a good time for mortgage applicants to submit their paperwork and lock in a good rate.
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Time to break open the piggy bank

A recent study shows that parents plan to cover 64% of their child’s college education. These five tips can help you stay on track.
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