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Working remotely is a great option for many people. Doing so gives you control over your life, and reduces expenses as you rarely have to go anywhere to get the job done. However, some jobs are better than others for that context. Here are 10 jobs that you can do remotely that you should consider applying for:

1. Be a Virtual Assistant

Everyone needs a bit of help every now and then, and with the Internet, you can provide that help from the comfort of your own home. Virtual assistant perform many tasks, from reserving tickets for flights to coordinating meetings for participants. Of all the remote jobs available, the virtual assistant is likely the least demanding in terms of skill requirements. The only absolute must is an open schedule, a reasonable amount of computer literacy and an Internet connection.

2. Therapist or Counselor

If you have the right skills, academic training and certifications, an online therapist or counselor can be a profitable work-from-home option. Zoom and other communication apps have made it easy to stay in touch with clients. Additionally, the fact that the session is online is appealing to many people, since they can stay within their comfort zone to have their sessions. The fact that they stay home also keeps session time efficient, cutting travel time to and from the session.

3. Tutorial Work

As of 2020, more and more schools have elected to boost their online presence, offering a multitude of Internet-based courses to allow students to learn from home. That has also given rise to more tutorial services, an industry that you can be a part of. If you have any certification or education in an area, you can offer tutorial services to students. The best part is you decide on your hours. You can take on as many or as few students as your schedule and energy levels dictate.

4. Run a Franchise

If you have the money to do so, running a franchise from home can be a profitable way to make money. Franchising means much of the hard work is done for you, from establishing the brand to figuring out the right business model. All you have to do is run the company, and you can do that wherever you live. Depending on the relevant laws, you can even end up running a franchise whose territory sits in another country.

5. Site Developer

If you want to work from home, the idea of making websites professionally might have crossed your mind. However, while profitable, doing so does require a lot of knowledge and skills, from knowing how to actually program a website to suit a customer’s needs, to having an eye for aesthetics. Fortunately, these are skills that you can learn online, so if web development feels like the path for you, it is one you can easily choose.

6. Transcriber

There remains a market for converting speech into a document, usually electronic, especially in the legal or medical industries. It is a relatively low-skill job, as all you need is a good ear and fast fingers, making it an easy industry to enter.  If you speak multiple languages you can also work as a translator, which can add significant compensation to your pay.

7. Writing or Editing

One of the simplest jobs you can take on remotely is just writing and editing. The writing part can revolve around a multitude of concepts, from writing an ebook and self-publishing, to ghost-writing. Editing has a similarly wide range, as you can stick to proofreading essays or stories, or expand your reach to cover fact-checking and research.

8. Graphic Design

For those with an eye for aesthetics and a powerful computer, graphic design can be a profitable work-from-home option. You can design a multitude of items, from logos to advertisements, or even book covers. With the right credentials or skill set, you could even dip your toes into layouts and web design.

9. Online Event Organizer

A job that has recently become more common online is event organizer. While more intricate or extravagant events will require planners to meet with personnel on site, the vast majority of events will only require reservation of locales and supplies, which is a task that can be done on a computer or over the phone. Becoming an online event organizer can be done by anyone with the right connections, or by someone who has credentials in hospitality or a related college course.

10. Accounting

Becoming an online accountant, while skill and knowledge intensive, can be profitable if you have the right credentials and experience. All you need to work is access to the right files, records, and ledgers, and you can get started on bookkeeping. On occasion you may need to go out into the field to confirm some receipts or records, but for the most part, you can get the job done from your home office.

Remote work is not for everyone, and it certainly does not work for all industries, but if it is something that you can utilize, do not hesitate to try it. While working from home does come with its unique challenges, the ability to cut out the daily commute while staying profitable and productive is often enough to make overcoming those issues worth it.