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Tired of paying taxes?  Always dreamed of a career in the arts?  Then you might want to consider moving to Ireland.  Writers, painters and sculptors in Ireland who earn their income from selling their work are tax exempt as long as they meet certain criteria.  Keep reading for more strange tax facts from around the world.

  1. In 2005, Tennessee passed an Unauthorized Substances Tax also known as a “crack tax” which taxed controlled substances and certain alcoholic beverages. Drug dealers were expected to pay anonymously at the state’s Department of Revenue office, and in exchange they would be given a stamp.  If they were caught in possession of a taxable substance without the stamp, the state would attempt to collect the money owed.
  2. Double amputees in Oregon are eligible for a $50 tax credit.
  3. If you own a television in England, you will have to pay an annual television tax. Colored TV’s are charged at a higher rate than black-and-white TV’s; but if you’re blind you’re in luck because you’ll only need to pay half of the tax amount.
  4. Citizens of the Cayman Islands do not pay income taxes. Instead, the government makes its money by imposing fees on imports, work permits and tourism.
  5. In New Mexico, when you reach 100 years old, you are exempt from filing and paying income taxes provided you can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return.
  6. If you report a person for failing to pay the taxes they owe and the IRS is able to use the information you provided, the IRS will pay you up to 30% of the additional tax, penalty and other amounts it collects. This is known as the Whistleblower – Informant Award.
  7. During his reign (AD 69-79), Roman emperor Vespasian imposed a urine tax on the distribution of urine from its public urinals. This was used as a key ingredient in the laundry industry as a source of ammonia.
  8. Thanks to the “jock tax”, professional athletes must file tax returns in almost every state they play.
  9. Uncut bagels are tax exempt in New York.  But if you prefer yours sliced, an 8.875 percent sales tax will be added to the price.
  10. In 1535, Henry VIII of England imposed a tax on beards.  Wearing one became a status symbol because the higher your place in society, the more taxes you paid.