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Just thinking about doing taxes instigates anxiety in taxpayers. It doesn’t need to be that way…in fact, it’s cheap and easy to do your taxes when you use tax software to prepare your return.  According to the IRS, over 67 million Americans took the plunge and did their own taxes last tax season.  If you’ve been using an accountant or professional tax preparer, here are a few good reasons to do your own taxes in 2022.

Tax software is easy to use

The biggest advantage of using tax software is that you don’t have to know anything about taxes to get the job done right.  With ezTaxReturn, you simply create an account and start your return.  They make the process as easy and stress-free as possible by providing simple step-by-step guidance.  Just answer the questions using your tax documents and let ezTaxReturn handle the forms and math.  Most taxpayers can prepare and e-file in just 30 minutes.  Plus, the IRS says that combining e-file and direct deposit is the fastest way to get your tax refund.

You can file anytime, anywhere

When you hire an accountant to do your taxes, you’re on their time.  You have to make an appointment, head to their office and wait your turn.  But when you use tax software, you can file anytime, anywhere.  You can start your return now and if you get interrupted, you can always pick up where you left off later.  All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone to get started.

It’s less expensive than hiring someone

Using a storefront tax preparer or your family accountant to prepare a basic federal and state return costs $176 on average.  The price jumps to $273 for an itemized return.  You can easily save hundreds of dollars by doing your taxes online.  If have a simple return like only a W-2 from your employer, chances are you qualify for a free federal return with ezTaxReturn.com.  Click here for qualifying details. 

Most likely, your tax situation isn’t complicated

Some tax situations are more complicated than others.  If you have a business, many itemized deductions or if you experienced major changes during the year, you may want to seek the help of a professional.  But that isn’t the norm for most people.  If your only income comes from your employer and you take the standard deduction, you can easily do your own taxes.  The key to a stress-free return is getting organized beforehand.  Gather all your tax forms and relevant receipts to ensure you don’t miss or forget anything. Then start a return at ezTaxReturn.com, answer easy questions, and let us do all the work.