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Millions of taxpayers wait until April to do their taxes, but you don’t want to be one of them. Filing early has advantages. And it’s fast and easy to do your taxes early, e-file and put the money Uncle Sam owes you in your pocket. Just watch for the early opening of ezTaxReturn.com to file fast, easy and stress-free. Here are some other good reasons to do your taxes as soon as ezTaxReturn opens for the tax season.

Reduce the risk of someone stealing your refund

Identity theft is a problem year-round, but it’s even more prevalent at tax time.  Crooks are notorious for stealing personal information and using it to file a fraudulent return.  They’re so slick that you may not even realize there’s an issue until you try to do your taxes and your return is rejected.  The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to file your return before a fraudster uses your name to file a return.  Once your return has been accepted, there’s nothing they can do except move on to their next victim. 

Get your refund sooner

Nearly half of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, so chances are you don’t just want your refund, you need it.  Filing early means you’ll get your money as fast as possible.  Then you can use the cash to catch up on bills, build your emergency fund or use your extra cash for long awaited fun. 

Give yourself extra time to pay if you owe money

Although over 111 million refunds were issued in 2019, you aren’t guaranteed to get one.  Changes in the tax law or your financial situation may lead to a large unexpected tax bill.  Now imagine finding out that information at the last minute.  If you don’t have enough money to cover the payment by Tax Day, you’ll begin accumulating penalties and interest.  Spare yourself the frustration and get a jump start on your return as soon as the season begins.  So, if you end up owing money, at least you’ll have time to scrimp and save for the payment.

Minimize stress and filing mistakes

Not everyone thrives under pressure, some people panic and fold instead.  Tax time is stressful enough and waiting until the last minute to file only makes it worse.  When you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to make careless mistakes such as misspelling names or entering the wrong information.  This can cause your return to be rejected and delay your refund.  There’s also a possibility of misplacing big money-saving receipts and not having time to find them.  Using tax software like ezTaxReturn.com can help the filing process go smoothly, but you still need to enter the correct information to get accurate results.  Give yourself more than enough time to file and get it right on your first try.