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There are numerous things that can make a home more valuable to buyers, some of which you may not expect.  Here are four surprising features that increase the price house hunters are willing to pay.

Black or charcoal gray front doors

Painting your front door is a cheap way to instantly add curb appeal.  There are tons of colors to choose from and only you know what’s right for you, but we strongly recommend going dark.  Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis found that homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for $6,271 more than expected. 

Blue bathrooms and kitchen cabinets

Choose wisely when it comes to the color of your walls and kitchen cabinets.  Avoid anything that’s specific to a certain taste.  You may love your red kitchen, but your home will sell for $2,310 less simply because of the color.  Instead, opt for navy blue lower cabinets and a lighter color wall.  Homes with tuxedo kitchens tend to sell for $1,547 more than expected.  If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom with a fresh paint job, choose a color like periwinkle blue.  According to Zillow, homes with light blue bathrooms sell for $2,786 more than average.

Having the numbers 6, 8 or 9 in your address or price

The numbers 6, 8 and 9 are considered lucky in Chinese culture.  Therefore, those buyers don’t mind paying a premium if your address contains any of the digits.  Specifically, the number 8 because in Chinese it’s pronounced similarly to the word for wealth and prosperity.  In predominately Asian neighborhoods, 20% of home listing prices end in 8.  Whatever you do, avoid using the number 4 which is deemed to be unlucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

A nearby Starbucks

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, the opening of a new Starbucks in your area is a good reason to get excited.  Studies show that anytime Starbucks enters a zip code, housing prices increase by 0.5 percent within a year.  So, if your home is worth $231,000, your property value will increase by $1,155.