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People should always have enough money to fall back on, even when the economy is strong. Discovering ways to increase your savings might be difficult, but with some helpful tips, anyone can build a nest egg for various purposes.

Here are five tips to become wiser with your spending habits while helping you build up your savings:

  1. Don’t spend your loose change. When you make purchases in cash, place all your coins in your pocket. When you arrive home, put your coins in a large jar. At the end of the month, bring your mound of coins to the bank and deposit them in your savings account. While this doesn’t sound like much, over a period of time this can add up to a substantial amount of money.
  1. Eliminate easy access to your bank account. Don’t carry checks or debit cards with you. Just carry enough cash to spend on items you really need. Debit cards make it too convenient to make impulse purchases that can really drain your savings.
  1. Taxes are an expense that must be paid. Paying the right amount is another way to save money. You should consult with a certified public accountant  to determine the correct deductions and tax payment. Saving a large amount of money on income taxes is a great way to increase your bank account balance.
  1. It is a good idea to limit your purchases to necessary items. If you are going to make a big purchase, such as anything over $100, wait for a day and really think about the transaction. This will help reduce impulse buys, especially those that are not necessary. If a large purchase is needed, do some research and price comparisons online. Perhaps you will find a discount code on the internet. Saving just ten percent on a big purchase is a wise decision.
  1. Direct deposit is a useful tool. Arrange for a small percentage of each paycheck to be put directly into a savings account that is hard to access. There are many online financial institutions that make this easy and some of them pay a high interest rate.

Saving money is not always easy, especially if you are on a tight budget, but using these tips will help you build your savings account. It can give you financial peace of mind and the money you will need in the future.