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Last year almost 90% of people e-filed their tax returns.  The rest insisted on making their lives difficult.  Thanks to technology, there’s no reason to prepare your return by hand and mail it in. E-filing is the faster, easier and better way to do your taxes.  Once you try it, you’ll never go back to paper again.  Here are five great reasons to make the switch.

Tax preparation software handles the forms and math for you

According to the IRS, taxpayers who manually prepare their return are 20 times more likely to make mistakes than e-filers.  Errors on your return can slow down your refund or lead to an IRS audit.  Using a tax preparation program like ezTaxReturn can help you get your taxes right the first time. You’ll be guided through each section of your return using a simple question and answer format.  Based on your responses, the program will help you claim the credits and deductions you rightfully deserve to maximize your refund or pay less in taxes.   There’s no need to worry about tracking down the right forms or whether your math is correct because the software does the hard work for you. As long as you provide accurate answers, you’ll get accurate results.

It’s the fastest way to get your tax refund

After giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan most of the year you’re probably dying to get your money back.  The fastest way to get your refund is to e-file and choose direct deposit.  Typically, you’ll receive IRS acknowledgment within 24 hours and your refund within 21 days.  Snail mailed returns take a lot longer to be processed.  You’ll be waiting approximately 6-8 weeks and that’s assuming you prepared a flawless return.

E-filing is less risky than filing by mail

Filing electronically is much safer than filing by paper.  When you e-file, your return is securely transmitted from your computer to the IRS without any pit stops.  Plus, the IRS has several safeguards in place to ensure your private information remains confidential.  Tax providers must comply with strict security guidelines and use the latest encryption technology to keep your data safe.  So far, the IRS has successfully processed over 1.5 billion tax returns.

You’ll have multiple payment options if you owe the IRS

Owe the IRS but can’t afford to pay right away?  No big deal.  The IRS has flexible payment options which allows you to e-file now and pay later.  Through your tax preparer, you can request to have the funds deducted on the date of your choosing.  Just be sure to get it squared away before April 15th to avoid penalties and interest.  Additional payment methods include debit or credit cards, checks, money orders and monthly installments.

You may qualify for a free tax return

Doing your taxes doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg.  If you have a basic tax situation, you can file your federal return for FREE at ezTaxReturn.com.  To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • File Single or Married Filing Jointly
  • No dependents
  • Less than $100,000 in taxable income
  • No adjustments to your income
  • Don’t claim any tax credit EXCEPT the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
  • Less than $1500 in taxable interest
  • Your income comes from your salary, wages, tips, and/or unemployment compensation

However, you will have to pay for a state return if you need one.