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Sometimes we’re our own worst critic.  We see all these people doing wonderful things and we worry that we won’t be able to measure up.  The reality is nobody feels confident 100 percent of the time. We all have moments where self-doubt creeps in and that annoying voice in our head gets the best of us.  However, there are tricks you can use to get rid of that cloud of negativity and feel more confident.

Sit up properly

Do you have a bad habit of slouching in your seat?  Well, not only are you ruining your posture, you’re also affecting the way you think.  Research shows that people who sit up straight have more confidence in their thoughts.  Practicing good posture also reduces stress, makes you more productive and optimizes your breathing.  The next time you catch yourself slumped over your desk, quickly throw your shoulders back and stick your chest out.  Your brain will thank you.

Grab a cup of coffee

It’s no secret that some people can’t function until they’ve had their coffee fix.  But you probably didn’t know that New Yorkers drink almost seven times more coffee than people in other cities, most of whom like their coffee light and sweet.   No matter how you take your coffee, drinking a cup of joe has its perks.  It gives you a jolt of energy, helps you stay alert and can even make you feel more confident.  A study found that consuming 200 to 250 mg of caffeine can lift your spirits for up to 3 hours.

Strike a pose

Holding a high power pose for two minutes can send your confidence through the roof.  Studies have shown that posing in such a way elevates your testosterone and lowers your cortisol levels causing you to feel more powerful.  So what does a high power pose look like?  Think Wonder Woman.  Stand tall with your legs spread apart, hands on your hips and your chest up high.  It’s weird but it works.  If you’re the type of person who needs options, we have four more poses you can try.

  • Stand up and lean over a table with both hands resting on the surface
  • Lean back in a chair with your ankle crossed over your knee and hands folded behind your head.
  • Place your feet on a table while you lean back in your chair with your hand folded behind your head.
  • Lean back in a chair with your legs spread apart and your arms draped over the chair next to you.

Wear your favorite fragrance

Ever wondered why you start feeling nostalgic when you come across certain scents?  It’s because your sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain which controls your memory and emotions. Before you walk out the door, put on a fragrance that brings back good memories.  It can be the one you wore when you landed your dream job, went on a big date or received as a gift from someone special.  Wearing your favorite scent will enhance your mood and make you feel empowered.  If you’re on the hunt for something new, choose a fragrance with uplifting notes such as citrus, jasmine or lavender.

Show off those pearly whites

An old wives’ tale says that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  That’s debatable but one thing is true, putting a smile on your face makes you appear more confident and approachable.  Typically, when you smile at someone, they can’t help but smile back.  Smiling releases a combination of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in your brain making you feel happy.  Another bonus is that it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

Break a sweat

No matter how busy you are try to squeeze a quick workout into your daily routine.  When you hit the gym, your body releases the chemicals needed to feel happier and less stressed.  Exercising for just twenty minutes can put you in a better mood for up to 12 hours.