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Have you been bitten by the travel bug?  Well then, it’s time to start planning your next adventure.  We’ve compiled a list of 7 incredible destinations that are surprisingly cheap to visit.  On average, you’ll spend less than $40 a day.  So grab your passport, pack your suitcase and let’s explore the world.


  • Average daily cost:  $25 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  October – November
  • Must-try foods:  Daal Bhaat Tarkaari, Momos and Samosas
  • Top attractions:  Annapurna Mountain Range, Mount Everest and Boudhanath Stupa

Nepal is a fan favorite among many backpackers because of the cheap food, rich culture and most importantly, the mountains.  Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and offers some of the best trekking routes.  The hike can be challenging but the breathtaking views are completely worth it.


  • Average daily cost:  $27 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  May – October
  • Must-try foods:  Pique a lo macho, Silpancho and Anticucho
  • Top attractions:  Salar de Uyuni, Urban Rush Bolivia and Laguna Colorada

Ever dreamed of flying out of a building superhero style?  Well, Urban Rush Bolivia can make your dreams a reality.  After a quick costume change, jumpers are given a detailed training session and practice runs on a 2-meter indoor wall.  Once you feel confident enough, you’ll take the real plunge from the 17th floor of the Hotel Presidente.  Jumpers can descend face first or backwards depending on how brave you’re feeling.  Halfway through, you’ll drop the rope and free fall the rest of the way.  Don’t worry, there’s a guide there to ensure you land safely.


  • Average daily cost:  $28 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  November – March
  • Must-try foods:  Laap, Tam Maak Hung and Khao Jii Pat-te
  • Top attractions:  Kuang Si Falls, Old Quarter Luang Prabang and Elephant Conservation Center

If you’re curious about how animals live in their natural habitat, reserve a bungalow at the Elephant Conservation Center.  Keep in mind, this isn’t your typical tourist attraction so you won’t be allowed to ride the elephants.  Instead, this experience focuses more on observing the elephants up close and learning about their issues.


  • Average daily cost:  $32 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  December – April
  • Must-try foods:  Pipian o ayote, Nacatamales and Indio Viejo
  • Top attractions:  Cerro Negro Volcano, Masaya Volcano National Park and Islets of Granada

Volcano boarding is an activity that needs to be on every adrenaline junkies bucket list.  The adventure begins with you climbing Nicaragua’s youngest and most active volcano, Cerro Negro. Just so we’re clear, Cerro Negro hasn’t erupted since 1999 and it is being monitored.  So you don’t really have to worry.  Anyway, it takes about an hour to hike to the launching point.  From there, you’ll slide down the volcano on a wooden board at up to 59 mph (current record).  That’s pretty quick so hold on tight and try not to break anything.


  • Average daily cost:  $34 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  November – March, July – August
  • Must-try foods:  Congri, Ropa Vieja and Cocido de Garbanzos
  • Top attractions:  Varadero Beach, Old Havana and El Malecon

Rated one of the top beaches in the world, Varadero Beach is the place to go if you’re looking to relax and soak up the sun. You’ll love the 13 mile stretch of powdery white sand, crystal-clear waters and amazing views.


  • Average daily cost:  $35 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  November – February
  • Must-try foods:  Amok Trey, Bok L’hong and Caw
  • Top attractions:  Angkor Wat, Choeung Ek Genocidal Center and Bayon Temple

Visiting Angkor Wat is an absolute must if you’re into history and architecture.  It was originally designed as a dedication to the Hindu god Vishnu but was later turned into a Buddhist temple.  Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious structure measuring over 400 acres.  The beauty of the statues and intricate carvings will leave you in awe.  Especially if you’re there during sunrise.  Visitors are advised to dress modestly or you won’t be permitted into certain areas.

Sri Lanka

  • Average daily cost:  $37 per person (USD)
  • Best time to visit:  December – March
  • Must-try foods:  Kottu Roti, Coconut Sambol and Lamprais
  • Top attractions:  Little Adam’s Peak, Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is an important place for Buddhists.  In the main house, you’ll find Buddha’s tooth encased in a gold casket.  It is believed that whoever houses the relic has ruling power over the country.  The artifact is only on display during certain times of the day so you need to plan accordingly.  Please note, visitors cannot enter the temple unless their knees and shoulders are covered.  You’ll also be required to remove your shoes and leave them outside.