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Although most people work 40+ hours a week, sometimes they don’t earn enough to make ends meet. Taking out a payday loan can help but most come with a 400% APR which means you’ll be digging yourself out of that hole forever. A better option is to sell some of your belongings for extra cash. Chances are you already have more stuff than you need so you won’t even miss it. Here are 7 things you can sell to make money.

Old toys

Have a bunch of toys that your kids no longer play with? If so, list them on eBay and cross your fingers that it sells. Be strategic when pricing your items.  Use eBay’s search tool to browse sold listings. Research what similar items in the same condition have sold for then list yours accordingly. Take a lot of pictures in good lighting and be honest about any damage the toys may have.  Include as much information as possible so the buyer doesn’t send the item back or leave a negative review.


One of the worst things about being an avid reader is deciding what to do with your books when you’re done.  Instead of letting them pile up and clutter your space, sell your books for extra cash.  Sites like Cash4Books.net and sellbackyourBook.com will gladly take them off your hands.  Just enter the book’s ISBN for a quote, ship them for free and you’ll be paid upon receipt.

Advertising space on your car

Companies are always looking for new ways to get their name out to a broader audience.  Instead of relying on print or TV ads, some brands are turning to car wrap advertising.  How it works is a removable ad will be placed on your vehicle and you’ll drive around with it for the length of the campaign.  If you’re interested, companies like Wrapify or Carvertise can match you with a brand that fits your driving profile.  You must have a clean driving record and own a 2008 or newer vehicle to be eligible.

Gently used clothing

If you have small children, you already know how quickly they grow out of their clothes.  Spend some time going through their closets to see what still fits and what doesn’t.  Anything that’s in good condition can be sold on sites like Kidizen or Once Upon A Child.  Depending on how much cash you need, you may want to go through your closet as well.


There are some people who find it necessary to upgrade their phone every time a new model is introduced.  Rather than let your old gadgets collect dust, sell it for extra cash.  Sites like NextWorth and Gazelle make it easy.  Simply tell them which device you have, its condition and they’ll make you an offer.  If you like what you see, you can ship your items and get paid.

An extra bedroom

There’s always someone in need of a place to stay.  If you have an extra bedroom and don’t mind sharing your place, rent it out for extra income.  You can find your new roommate by posting an ad on Craigslist or Spareroom.com.  Of course, you’ll need to do a little research to figure out an appropriate amount to charge.  Using a site like Rentometer or Zillow can give you a good idea of the going rate for your area.  Be honest about what you’re looking for to avoid headaches down the line.  if you don’t want smokers or pets in your place, say so.  The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your own home.


This may sound a little extreme, but you can donate your plasma to help a person in need and get paid.  Plasma is a component of blood that transports nutrients, hormones and proteins in the body.  It’s also used to treat rare chronic conditions.  Unfortunately, most people who are eligible to donate their plasma, never do.  To meet the guidelines, you must be at least 18 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and pass a health screening.