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Get your sunscreen ready.  With airfare deals heating up, it’s time to book your next vacation.  Traveling is a great way to relax and rejuvenate but you can run into a few hiccups if you don’t plan accordingly.  This is where your handy dandy cell phone comes in.  By downloading the right travel apps, you can ensure your trip goes smoothly.


Not sure what items to throw in your suitcase?  It’s okay, PackPoint has all the answers you need.  Just tell them your destination, travel dates and what activities you have planned while you’re out there.  PackPoint then checks the forecast and provides a customized packing list so nothing essential gets left behind.  It’s the next best thing to having someone else do the packing for you.


Forget walking around with paper copies of your itinerary.  Save some trees and download the TripIt app instead. TripIt helps travelers stay organized by storing all their plans in one place. You don’t even have to do anything too out of the ordinary.  Book your flight and hotel reservations the same way you usually do, then forward the confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com.  TripIt then picks out the key details and creates a master list for you.  It’s that simple.

App in the Air

Dubbed as your “personal flight assistant”, App in the Air is a flight tracker and airport guide all-in-one.  The app helps you track your flight in four stages; Check-In, Boarding, Take-off and Landing and provides a timeline for each event.  They’ll even let you know if there’s a flight change so you don’t accidentally miss takeoff.  If you have time to kill at the airport, check out the apps “Tips” section.  This is where users share the airports best restaurants, how to get free Wi-Fi and other helpful tips.

Google Translate

Trying to make your way through a foreign country can be complicated when you don’t speak the language.  Never fear, Google Translate is here to save the day.  You can translate words and phrases into over 100 different languages so you’re pretty much covered no matter where you go.  You’re not limited to strictly typing in the text either.  You can snap pictures, draw characters or speak into the app and they’ll translate it for you.

XE Currency

Not sure how much your money is worth in other countries?  Use XE Currency to view live exchange rates and calculate prices so you don’t get ripped off during your stay.

WiFi Map

While some people enjoy disconnecting from the outside world, for others it can feel like pure torture.  If you can’t last more than a day without going online, you need WiFi Map in your life.  This app helps you avoid expensive roaming and data charges by pinpointing free local hotspots.  All networks and passwords are provided by their users.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to stick to light browsing while connected.  Save the banking and online shopping for when you get home.


Trying to keep in touch with loved ones back home can be tricky when you’re in a different time zone.  An easy way to avoid accidentally interrupting someone’s beauty rest is to use Circa.  The app tracks the time for places you care about so you always know the right time to call.

Mobile Passport

When you’re trying to re-enter the U.S. after spending time abroad, it can take forever to get through Customs.  But now there’s an app that lets you skip the long lines.  Mobile Passport is designed to speed up the process at 24 airports and one cruise port.  Just create a profile, answer a few questions and submit your information.  Shortly after, you’ll receive an encrypted receipt which is good for 4 hours.  From there, you’ll hop on the special Mobile Passport Control line and be on your merry way.


Stuck at the airport?  AirHelp makes it easy to report your messed-up flight and get paid for the ordeal.  They cover the most common flight issues including delays, cancellations and baggage problems.  To start a claim, quickly snap and submit a picture of your boarding pass.  If you qualify, AirHelp will fight for the compensation you deserve.  Depending on your issue, you may get up to $700 back.