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Debt Consolidation USA, one of the most prominent debt relief websites, published an article that sought to defend the need for student loans. Published last February 10, 2014, the article titled “Study Reveals That Student Loans May Be Worth It”, explained how this type of debt can really help increase the earning potential of young adults.

The article cited the study done by PEW Research Center that showed the income differences between high school undergraduates, high school graduates, and college graduates. The study even showed how the different degrees (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc) have varying income differences. Basically, the greater the degree, the more potential to earn. The study revealed that 50% of the overall income goes to college graduates. Only 5% goes to high school undergraduates and 20% to high school graduates.

But according to the article, although the statistics show that student loans are now justifiable, that does not mean the student should be careless about borrowing money for their education. They should continue to be wise about how they will spend the loan amount. They are advised to borrow only as a last resort. They should look for scholarships and other grants that will help shoulder their monthly expenses and tuition fees.

The article encouraged students to take on student debt only when the other option is to skip college and join the workforce after high school. That is the only time that student loans are justifiable.

In case they do end up borrowing money, the student is advised to put a tight lid on their credit card spending. If they have to pay off student loans in the future, it has to be limited to that only. The article advised that the debt should be kept to a minimum.

The article also urged students to try and earn money while in college. A part time job can help pay for the other expenses of the student. This will keep the debt as low as possible.

Bottom line is, the article understood the need for student loans but they still encouraged consumers to seek other alternative. To read the whole article, click on this link: http://www.debtconsolidationusa.com/creditcarddebt/study-reveals-student-loans-may-worth.html.

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