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Believe it or not, creating a budget isn’t hard.  It’s keeping track of all your expenses that will trip you up.  Avoid falling flat on your face by using a budgeting app to do the hard work for you.  Keep reading to see which ones will make managing your finances a piece of cake.


While some people love the hands-off approach, others find it easier to hold themselves accountable when they’re more involved.  If you fall into the latter group, give Monefy a try.  The app makes it quick and easy to add your expenses on the go.  Simply tap on a category, enter an amount, hit the “Add” button and you’re done.  It’s that easy.  The pie chart will automatically update to reflect your transactions and remaining balance so you know where you stand.  Prefer to see a transaction list?  No problem.  Tap on your balance and a detailed list will appear.


An envelope system is one of the easiest ways to manage your money.  Traditionally, the process works by dividing your paycheck into various categories (envelopes) and assigning each one a dollar amount.  Mvelopes is pretty much the same concept except you’ll be using digital envelopes instead of real ones.  Within minutes you can sign up, add your financial accounts and create a spending plan for your money.  The app makes your life easy by automatically tracking your income and expenses. You’ll still need to assign each transaction to the appropriate envelope though.  Once an envelope is empty, that’s your cue to stop spending.

EveryDollar Plus

Tired of wondering where your paycheck went?  EveryDollar helps users regain control of their finances by forcing them to use a zero-sum budget.  When you create your account, you’ll enter your income and plan how every penny will be spent.  Rather than entering each and every expense manually, you can upgrade to EveryDollar Plus.  This will allow you to link your financial accounts and have your transactions automatically imported.  This convenience does come at a cost though. Once the 15-day free trial ends, you’ll be charged $99 for a yearly subscription.