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Yet another scam is making the rounds.

In the latest scam, local residents in Thomasville, GA are receiving phone calls from someone saying they are with a credit protection agency or VISA.

“They tell you someone is trying to make a charge to your account, and they need to verify it is OK with you or if it is a fraud. All they need is for you to give them your card number,” said Capt.Steven Jones, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office public information officer.

Do not give the caller your credit card number.

“They will try to pressure you and tell you the charge will be on your bill and you will be responsible for it. Hang up.” Jones said.

The sheriff’s office contacted VISA, and the credit card company is aware of the scam.

“They assured us if they called about a possible fraudulent charge to your account, they would not ask you for your card number,” Jones explained.

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