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If it’s a legal deduction, we’ll help you get it.

Want to lower your taxes and increase your refund? So long as it’s legal, we’ll help you take advantage of deductions and credits you might otherwise miss.

Step-by-step guidance.

Our easy-to-understand interview process guides you step-by-step and reminds you about forgotten expenses and credit opportunities. The question-and-answer format means you can fill in every part of your tax return without worrying about complex tax jargon or filling in the wrong line. The whole process is quick, very intuitive and user-friendly so you can get the biggest possible refund fast.

If you find you need help along the way, we offer a tax terms dictionary and have Customer Service Representatives who can assist you via phone or email.

Not a great record keeper? Not to worry!

We ask about life events and other relevant information like marriage, children and education to help you take advantage of every qualifying credit and deduction that can reduce your tax bill or increase your IRS tax refund. Our question-and-answer format adjusts to dig deeper into the information you provide to probe you about possibly forgotten expenses.

We guarantee it.

ezTaxReturn has been an Authorized IRS e-File Provider and an approved Electronic Return Originator for almost 20 years. We guarantee our online tax software is 100% accurate and you’ll get an equal or bigger federal refund (or smaller balance due) than you’ll get from any other program or professional tax preparer.