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Clipping Coupons might seem like a daunting task, but on average you save 30 cents with every coupon you clip. This will result in major savings when checking out of the grocery store. Here are few tips to help speed up the process and leave more money in your pocket:

1. A great place to start is the Sunday paper. Even if you are not a regular subscriber, you will most likely save enough with the coupons you gathered to pay for the newspaper just purchased!

2. Check the mail throughout the week for any coupons or deals that might be available in your neighborhood. Coupons for restaurants as well as groceries are delivered to your mailbox. Look through them, sometimes that “buy one, get one” free entree can be a debt-free date for you and someone special.

3. Sign up for coupons online. This is an easy way to have coupons sent directly to your mailbox. From there, you can sort through and print the ones you want to use. My top three are coupon sites are:

– Couponmom.com

– Coupons.com

– Bargainsit.com

Just be careful when looking for coupons online, some sites ask for personal information, which is then put into a database and can result in junk email.

4. Clip all the coupons you think you might want, you can always just throw them out if they are not used! Shopping with coupons is not a time for brand loyalty; it’s a time for saving. This week the toothpaste you use might be on sale, and the coupon you clipped makes the sale even bigger. Next week, it could be a different brand but make sure you always stick with the sale item!

5. Combine coupons with a sale whenever you can! Knowing the rewards cards, coupons and when to stock up and when to pass up can save you big bucks! Work with the information and tools you have to be a better, smarter shopper.

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