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June 2021
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What happens if you missed the tax deadline?
If you owe the IRS and missed the tax deadline, you’ll be penalized for failing to file and for not paying on time.
How to handle a notice from the IRS
When you receive a letter in the mail from IRS, take a deep breath and relax. Resolving the issue may be easier than you think.
4 financial habits worth keeping when the pandemic ends
Many in the U.S. developed new money habits during the pandemic and plan to keep them. Here are some Covid-19 money habits worth keeping.
How long do you have to keep tax records?
The best advice is to hold on to your tax return and supporting documents. How long you’ll need to store them depends on a few factors.
6 of the most in-demand jobs right now
LinkedIn recently revealed the most in-demand jobs. Here are some positions that made the list along with the average pay.
8 ways to simplify your financial life
The key to successfully managing your finances is to keep it simple. Here are some tips that can make life easier.
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