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December 2018
Peace, Joy and Hope
Peace, Joy and Hope
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5 things you didn’t know were tax deductions
The best way to minimize your tax bill is to take advantage of available tax breaks. Being that you’re probably not an expert, you may not have a clue what’s out there. Fortunately, we do and we’re willing to share our knowledge.
Golden rules for becoming a millionaire
Many people foolishly believe that the only way they’ll become a millionaire is if they hit the lottery. However, you need to put your dollar and a dream to better use. Instead of gambling your money away, use some tried and true methods to grow your wealth.
6 reasons pets are good for your health
Pets provide unconditional love and are known to help lower blood pressure and reduce depression. The list of health benefits doesn’t stop there though.
12 ways to save big on your monthly expenses
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Great jobs for people who love to travel
If you have a burning desire to travel the world, skip the traditional 9-5 and choose a job that will have you globetrotting instead. Here are some potential careers for people who love to travel.
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