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Imagine returning from the vacation of a lifetime to find your home ransacked. While you were lying on the beach sipping Pina Coladas, a thief was robbing you blind. Home burglaries occur almost every 14 seconds in America. Here’s how to prevent your home from becoming an easy target while you’re on vacation.

Stop posting your every move

When it comes to social media, we have a tendency to overshare information. It’s great that you’re able to pack your bags and hit the road but everyone doesn’t need to know your business. Posting your itinerary online makes you the perfect mark because thieves will know exactly when to strike without getting caught.

Lock up properly

Take some extra time to ensure that you have locked all of your windows and doors before heading out of town. It might seem like common sense, but it’s worth taking a second look since 34 percent of burglars enter their victim’s homes through the front door. 23% enter through a window on the first floor.

Don’t lead crooks to your home

If you’re leaving your car in an airport parking lot, don’t leave a portable GPS in plain view. Not only will this give crooks a new GPS, but it may give them a direct route to your home while you’re away.

Have someone pick up your mail

Piles of mail sitting in front of your house is an obvious sign that you’re not home. Ask a family member or trusted neighbor to collect any mail you receive while on vacation.

Find a house sitter

On a normal day, people come and go, lights go off and on, etc. When you go on vacation, all of those things stop. One of the best ways to keep your house safe is to have someone stay there while you’re away. If you don’t have anyone that’s up to the task, get a timer and set it to turn on the lights for a few hours a day to create the illusion of someone being home.

Get a home security system

Homes with security systems are more likely to scare off intruders. Not only does the added protection give you peace of mind, it can save you money. Homeowners with security systems generally have lower insurance rates due to the reduced risk of break-ins.