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Are you still doing your taxes on paper? If so, join the 132 million taxpayers who e-filed in 2016. They already know that IRS e-file is the best way to file a federal tax return.

Here are five great reasons why you should e-file your tax return:

  1. Accurate and complete.  E-file is the best way to file an accurate and complete tax return. The tax software does the math for you and it helps you avoid mistakes.
  1. Safe and secure.  IRS e-file meets strict guidelines and uses the best encryption technology. The IRS has safely and securely processed more than a billion e-filed individual tax returns since the program began.
  1. Faster refunds.  E-filing usually brings a faster refund because there is nothing to mail and your return is less likely to have errors, which slows down the process. The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days. The fastest way to get your refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit into your bank account.
  1. Payment options.  If you owe taxes, you can e-file early and set an automatic payment date anytime on or before the April 18th due date. You can pay by check or money order, or by debit or credit card. You can also transfer funds electronically from your bank account.
  1. E-file’s easy.  You can use an Authorized IRS e-File provider like ezTaxReturn.com to prepare and e-file your return in as little as 30 minutes.