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Sitting in a cubicle day after day isn’t for everyone.  If you have a burning desire to travel the world, skip the traditional 9-5 and choose a job that will have you globetrotting instead.  Here are some potential careers for people who love to travel.

Athletic recruiter

Do you know sports like the back of your hand?  If so, use your knowledge to help find the next Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James.  As an athletic recruiter, you’ll be employed by colleges and professional teams to recruit athletes who can help them win championships.  It’s imperative that you’re able to pinpoint a player’s strengths, weaknesses and potential because teams don’t want to waste their money on a bust.  It also helps to be a smooth talker since convincing players to join your team is a big part of the job.  Due to its popularity, this is a competitive field to get into.  Many employers require a bachelor’s degree and prior playing or coaching experience.

Flight attendant

As a flight attendant, it’s your responsibility to ensure passengers have a safe and comfortable flight.  This includes greeting passengers as they board, explaining how to use safety equipment and providing snacks and beverages.  How much time you actually get to spend at a destination will vary.  Sometimes the only part of a city you’ll get to see is the view from your window seat.  However, a major perk of working for an airline is that you can fly for next to nothing on your days off.  Keep in mind that you’ll be flying standby though.

Traveling nurse

When you think of traveling jobs, nursing probably doesn’t even come to mind, but it is an option.  Registered nurses can take temporary assignments in different parts of the world.  Traveling nurses perform the same duties as a traditional nurse, the difference is they move from location to location.  Since traveling nurses are in high demand, you can choose when and where you want to work.  Most of the jobs last 13 weeks and provide housing and benefits.

Au pair

If you love kids and always dreamed of living abroad, apply for a job as an Au pair.  How it works is a host family will give you a place to stay along with pocket money in exchange for childcare services.  You’ll be asked to do things like take the kids to school, help with homework and keep the house clean.

ESL teacher

Are you a teacher who’s been bitten by the travel bug?  If so, grab your passport and start searching for teaching jobs abroad.  English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers are in high demand in countries like South Korea, Japan and China.  The qualifications for teaching English abroad vary based on the location but most require at least a bachelor’s degree.  You may also need a TESOL, TEFL or TESL certificate.