These days working your typical 9 to 5 isn’t enough to make ends meet. As a result, nearly 44 million Americans have picked up a side hustle. Working just a few extra hours a week can really boost your bank account. Some of the highest paying gigs don’t even require any formal education. You can look for openings on job sites or use your social media pages to lure in clients with your skills.


Whether they’re spinning records on the radio, in a nightclub or for a special event, deejays are the life of the party. They’re responsible for playing crowd favorites and getting people moving. For $66 per hour, you’ll be dancing all the way to the bank too. To do the job, all you need is an outgoing personality, extensive music knowledge and the right equipment. Traditionally, DJ’s needed two turntables and a mixer but thanks to modern technology, you can get away with just using your laptop.

Musician or singer

Can you play an instrument or carry a tune? Well, don’t let your talent go to waste. There are plenty of people looking to hire singers and musicians to perform for live audiences and recordings. You can also make money by giving private lessons. On average, singers and musicians make $43 per hour.


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. If your pictures are known to get people talking, consider trying your hand as a photographer. You’ll need you own professional camera, an assortment of lenses and experience with strobe lighting. Some places also require you to have proficient knowledge of an editing program like Photoshop. For your efforts, you’ll make about $36 per hour.

Makeup Artist

Every woman wants to go from plain Jane to knock out for special events. If you know a thing or two about cosmetics and “beating” faces, start offering your services as a makeup artist. You can work on clients for photo shoots, commercials or even live TV. Makeup artists make approximately $34 per hour.

Piano teacher

Know how to tickle the ivories? If so, you can earn an extra paycheck by giving piano lessons to kids. Instructors must have previous teaching experience, good knowledge of music concepts and the ability to create their own curriculum. Depending on your location, you can earn about $31 per hour.