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The thing about hobbies is that they are what you do for fun outside of work; you’re not usually supposed to earn money from them. But who wouldn’t mind extra cash in their pocket? Here is a brief list of hobbies that could be monetized.


If you play music of any kind, you may have been told “don’t quit your day job.” Now, don’t go quitting your day job any time soon, but don’t take those words to heart, either.

If you are technically proficient and a good communicator, you can rake in some extra cash by offering private lessons. Another possibility is, if you have a good repertoire of songs, you may be able to play a weekly set at a local coffee shop or bar for a nice sum of cash.


Taking pictures is a lot of fun, but there’s a high technical learning curve preventing most people from breaking into the high-earning professional arena. Put in the effort to get your photos up to snuff so you can monetize photography on the side.

Try posting an ad on Craigslist offering professional headshots at a discounted rate. Most people just want a professional photo that looks better than what they can take themselves. You can also offer your shooting and editing skills on discount for weddings and other parties. Even a few gigs a year could supplement your income significantly.


Do you love beading jewelry, designing clothes, or making ceramics? There’s already a good precedent for monetizing your craft hobby through Etsy. If you want to make it on Etsy, it can be helpful to take good photos of your work and advertise your wares on offsite social media (think Facebook, Tumblr, or a blog). You can also sell your crafts at local craft fairs and weekend markets.

Auto Mechanics

This hobby is more likely to save you money than make you money, but it’s worth listing because you can drastically cut your expenses by doing your own auto repairs and maintenance. You are unlikely to be able to sell your services without a license and technical degree, but you can easily save yourself thousands of dollars per year simply by knowing how to change your own oil and do engine tune-ups.


Yoga is good for the mind and body. If you know your yoga, it can also be good for your wallet. Why not contact your local community center about teaching a weekly yoga class? While not technically required to obtain certification, it can be advisable.

These are only a few of the many hobbies that can be leveraged to make money. While quitting your day job is usually inadvisable, don’t write off your passion as a good possible source of supplemental income.