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Millions of Americans use tax preparation software to do their taxes because it saves them time and money.  To file with ezTaxReturn.com, you must complete all the steps in the filing process.  This means answering a series of questions, downloading your returns, and continuing through the program to e-file.  As soon as we receive word from the IRS (usually within 24-48 hours), we’ll email you to let you know whether your return has been accepted or rejected.  If it’s been a while since you “filed” and you haven’t heard from us, there’s a strong possibility that either you didn’t complete the filing process, or our email is in your spam folder.

How to check your return status

ezTaxReturn.com customers can check on their return anytime by logging into their account.  On your myAccount page, the return status will say one of the following:

  • Not yet started/In progress
  • Ready to efile
  • Accepted
  • Rejected

If the IRS has rejected your return, there’s no need to panic.  We’ll tell you why it was rejected and provide detailed instructions for fixing the issue.  You can correct and re-file your return free of charge.  If you don’t resubmit your return, you may have problems filing in the future.

Once your return has been accepted, you can start tracking your refund.

Track your tax refund

The “Where’s My Refund?” tool on IRS.gov is the best place to find answers regarding your refund.  E-filers can start tracking their money 24 hours after filing.  If you mailed a paper return, it may be 6 months or more before you can start checking your status due to the IRS backlog.  To use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool, you’ll need your Social Security number or ITIN, filing status and exact refund amount.  The tracker goes through three phases:

  • Return received
  • Refund approved
  • Refund sent

Keep in mind, you won’t be given a specific refund date until the IRS has processed your return and approved your refund.  The tracker is updated daily, usually overnight so there’s no need to check often.