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Tax Talk, News & Insights
NFL to end their tax exempt status
On April 28th the National Football League’s (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that for the first time since 1942 they will be ending their tax exempt status and filing returns for the 2015 fiscal year.
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Late filing and payment penalties
For most people April 15th was the deadline for filing and paying taxes. If you owe taxes and failed to file or pay on time, more than likely you have a couple penalties heading your way. Here are eight things you should know about the penalties associated with late filing and payment.
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7 strange tax facts
Tired of paying taxes? Always dreamed of a career in the arts? Then you might want to consider moving to Ireland. Writers, painters and sculptors in Ireland who earn their income from selling their work are tax exempt as long as they meet certain criteria. Keep reading for more strange tax facts from around the world.
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5 smart ways to spend your tax refund
With the average taxpayer receiving a refund of approximately $3,000, it’s about as close as most of us will get to winning the lottery. Before you blow through all of your “winnings”, here are five smart ways that you can use your tax refund.
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11 smart ways to protect yourself from fraud
A couple of decades ago, scam artists largely relied on the U.S. mail, sending out unsolicited notices and convincing the unwary to part with their hard-earned cash. These days, scammers also have the Internet, social media and smatphones at their disposal.
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