5 Tips for Entertaining Safely During COVID-19

After months of being stuck indoors due to the pandemic, states are beginning to reopen right in time for summer.  Although you may be eager to get the gang together, the coronavirus hasn’t...

4 Ways to Qualify for a Stimulus Payment in 2021

The coronavirus outbreak forced many businesses to close and millions of people to lose their jobs.  To help Americans stay afloat, the government issued a $1,200 stimulus payment to eligible...

Smart Moves to Make Before the July 15th Tax Deadline

Normally, the tax season is over and done with by now, but this has been a different kind of year.  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the tax deadline was moved to July 15th which means it’s now...

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Your Debt

A recent Bankrate survey found that once the country starts recovering from the coronavirus, 22% of Americans plan to make paying off debt a priority.  That sounds nice, but as the saying goes,...

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

The Atlantic hurricane season is underway and will last until November 30th.  This year, experts are predicting the season to be more active than usual.  They believe there will be between 13 and 19...
When Will I Get My Tax Refund?

When Will I Get My Tax Refund?

It’s hard to wait patiently when you know you have money coming your way.  Chances are you want to know the exact minute it will get to you.  While there are no guarantees, we can give you an estimate of when it will arrive. Fastest way to get your refund...

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5 Reasons Your Tax Refund May Be Delayed

5 Reasons Your Tax Refund May Be Delayed

Millions of people look forward to getting a refund at tax time.  It’s their chance to pay down debt, catch up on bills or treat themselves to something nice.  While most refunds are issued within 21 days, there are things that can slow down your refund.  Therefore,...

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4 Things to Know About Filing a Tax Extension

4 Things to Know About Filing a Tax Extension

Your tax return must be postmarked by April 15th to be considered on time.  If you’re unable to meet the deadline, the best thing to do is request an extension.  This will give you more time to file an accurate return and can possibly minimize penalties.  However,...

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