How to handle a notice from the IRS

As soon as you see a letter in the mail from the IRS you probably already start anticipating bad news.  You may even put off opening it for a while because you’re scared of what they have to...

How long do you have to keep tax records?

Now that the tax season is over, you may be wondering what to do with your tax records.  Do you shred them or keep them?  The best advice is to hold on to your tax return and supporting...

6 of the most in-demand jobs right now

The future is looking bright now that more people are getting vaccinated, and businesses are hiring.  If you’re searching for a new job, LinkedIn recently revealed the most in-demand jobs based...

4 financial habits worth keeping when the pandemic ends

The pandemic has forced all of us to change our lives in some way, shape or form.  It’s affected the way people shop, travel, entertain themselves and spend their money.  A NerdWallet...

8 ways to simplify your financial life

Some people go to extremes when they first decide to take control of their financial lives.  They’ll go from spending without a care in the world to implementing a budget that’s far too...

Tax credit helping homes become energy efficient

If potential savings on electricity and gas bills weren't enough, then a tax credit and other rebates have convinced a lot of people in the Lynchburg area to make energy-efficient home improvements. The tax credit gives homeowners 30 percent of the cost for buying fixtures or...

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Set a plan for college tuition far in advance

While many prices we pay may not be going up fast, one that hasn't slowed down is the cost of college. The average annual cost of tuition and education expenses at a public university is approaching $20,000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That has left...

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Refinancing booms, but it’s not for everybody

One silver lining clinging to that stubborn cloud of economic malaise that just keeps hanging around is that mortgage rates have drifted to such ultralow levels. And as a result, a lot of homeowners are taking a good, long look at refinancing. John and Lisa Baxewanis of Spring...

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Time, effort can rebuild credit after foreclosure

If you've been through a foreclosure, you may wonder if there is hope for you to become a homeowner again. Yes, but it will take awhile. "It doesn't mean you'll never be a homeowner again," said Linda Davis-Demas, director of housing at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater...

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When starting out, does debt come before savings?

QUESTION: I was fortunate enough to land a good job out of school. I'm earning roughly $50,000, but I funded my schooling primarily with loans. I would like to get rid of my loans as soon as possible, but I understand the value of saving early in life to gain the most in the end....

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Tips for stretching that holiday dollar

It's become increasingly evident. From commercials announcing layaway opportunities to overstocked toy store shelves, all the signs are there. Yes, the holiday shopping season is upon us. And it doesn't come cheap. Nationwide, people will spend an average $518.08 on gift spending...

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Is It a Real Deduction, or Just Blowing Smoke?

Q. Is It A Real Deduction, Or Just Blowing Smoke? I’ve been trying to quit smoking on my own, but it hasn’t worked. My girlfriend wants me to stop badly. She told me if I enroll in a smoking cessation program, I could deduct it from my taxes as a medical expense. Is she just blowing...

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