Amend your tax return to correct a filing mistake

Nobody likes to make mistakes, especially when it comes to taxes. But accidents happen.  If you didn’t get your return right the first time, you can fix it using Form 1040-x, Amended U.S....

7 last-minute tax deductions you don’t want to miss

Do you want to save money on your 2020 tax return?  Well, then don’t miss out on valuable tax deductions.  Using tax software to prepare your return will make life a lot easier, especially...

6 ways to avoid the IRA early withdrawal penalty

An IRA is supposed to help you save for the future, so you can live comfortably in retirement.  To keep you focused, there are strict rules about when you can access the money.  Typically,...

Third stimulus check: All your questions answered

President Biden recently signed a new relief package which includes a third round of stimulus payments.  Eligible Americans will receive the money via direct deposit, check or debit card. ...

The pros and cons of filing a tax extension

For the second year in a row, the tax deadline has been pushed back.  This time around, your 2020 federal tax return is due on May 17th.  Some states have also extended their tax deadline...
5 Money Issues Families Never Talk About

5 Money Issues Families Never Talk About

Why do we have such a hard time talking with our children about important financial matters affecting the entire family? For some of us, avoiding sensitive discussions, especially about money, is a family tradition. For others, there's concern that bringing up financial worries will...

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Many Who Lost Jobs Used COBRA Subsidy, Kept Insurance

A new Treasury study says the federal COBRA subsidy, included in last year's economic stimulus package, may have slowed the growth in the number of uninsured Americans during the recession. The study estimates that up to a third of eligible unemployed workers have taken advantage of...

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ezTaxReturn.com Makes It Easy to Claim the 2009 Tax Credits

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is an economic stimulus package that was enacted by Congress in February 2009 to offer help to American taxpayers. Many individuals such as homebuyers, parents, students, workers, and the unemployed can benefit when it comes to...

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What’s the Story With e-Filing Anyway?

Like most people, do you get all stressed-out when it comes to doing your taxes?  Do you procrastinate just thinking about the paperwork, the math and the complexity of doing your tax return? Fortunately, if you can use a computer, tax preparation and e-file are now easier,...

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