4 Smart Reasons to Do Your Own Taxes

Tax preparation used to be a task most people just left to the professionals.  But over the years, tax software has made it easier than ever for taxpayers to prepare their own returns.  In...

How Major Life Events Affect Your Taxes

Life is always changing.  Reaching major milestones such as getting married, buying a house or going to college can affect your taxes.  Usually for the better because you can qualify for...

Why You Should Join Your Employer’s 401k Plan

Forty-six percent of Americans have no money saved for retirement, but it’s not too late to start. Contributing to a 401k is a hassle-free way to build wealth and earn tax breaks. If you've been...

9 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

When we’re trying to save money, gym memberships are usually one of the first expenses on the chopping block.  But you can live a fit and healthy life even if you’re on a budget.  Here are...

Warning Signs of an IRS Phone Scam

Thousands of people have fallen for tax scams and lost millions of dollars in the process.  Often criminals impersonate IRS agents to trick you into paying for taxes or fees you don’t really...

When starting out, does debt come before savings?

QUESTION: I was fortunate enough to land a good job out of school. I'm earning roughly $50,000, but I funded my schooling primarily with loans. I would like to get rid of my loans as soon as possible, but I understand the value of saving early in life to gain the most...

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Tips for stretching that holiday dollar

It's become increasingly evident. From commercials announcing layaway opportunities to overstocked toy store shelves, all the signs are there. Yes, the holiday shopping season is upon us. And it doesn't come cheap. Nationwide, people will spend an average $518.08 on...

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Is It a Real Deduction, or Just Blowing Smoke?

Q. Is It A Real Deduction, Or Just Blowing Smoke? I’ve been trying to quit smoking on my own, but it hasn’t worked. My girlfriend wants me to stop badly. She told me if I enroll in a smoking cessation program, I could deduct it from my taxes as a medical expense. Is...

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