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To keep heating systems running efficiently and winter energy bills low:

•      Schedule routine maintenance before the cold kicks in. The time to have a boiler or furnace checked is not January – it’s in the fall. This allows enough time for parts to be ordered, repairs to be made, and upgrades to be installed.
•      Clean or change filters regularly. Routine cleaning/changing of the system’s filters ensures the best filtration and air circulation, and can also increase the life expectancy of the system. Although each manufacturer will recommend according to their model, a general rule of thumb is to change or clean filters every three months.
•      Seal windows, doors and other openings so heated air cannot escape. Before turning on the heat for the winter, ensure all windows and doors are properly sealed with weather stripping, and fireplaces have tight-fitting dampers that can be closed when the fireplace is not in use. Proper insulation in the home will also help to conserve energy.
•      Program the thermostat according to the day’s activities. Homeowners can save up to 5% of energy for every degree they lower a home’s temperature. Programming the thermostat to a lower temperature during the day when no one is home, or at night when residents are under the warm comfort of blankets, can save homeowners significant dollars on energy bills.

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