September 2015 Newsletter

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Still haven't filed your taxes? No problem.
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Review your taxes now to prevent
a surprise next spring

How big a loan you give Uncle Sam, and how big a refund you get, depends on how much you withhold from your paycheck every week. Plan now to avoid an unpleasant surprise.   [READ MORE]Furthering your education
has tax benefits

Spending money on tuition and expenses for higher education? You may be eligible for a tax refund, even if you don’t have to pay any taxes. Learn all about it.

6 tips to exercise safely in the summer heat
Getting – or staying – fit and healthy in the outdoors instead of the gym is a summer treat. But you need to be smart to stay safe.   [READ MORE]

Easy ways to keep your home safe
while you travel

Vacation days are tantalizing for anxious thieves. Don’t give them an open invitation to visit while you’re away.

Did you file a tax extension?
The clock is ticking…

OK, so you delayed the deed. But it’s smarter to file now than wait until October 15.   [READ MORE]

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Therese P., AL
I just used your wonderful site to file. Thank you, thank you! Highly recommend you to all!!! I will definitely be back next year! I’m so glad I found you. This was my first time doing my own taxes. Thanks again for your quick and helpful responses. [READ MORE TESTIMONIALS]

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