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Whether you believe it or not, some highways and byways in the U.S. have a reputation for being haunted by ghosts, UFOs and phantom hitchhikers.  If you’re looking for a spooky road trip, then look no further.  Taking a late-night drive on one of these roadways is sure to have you shaking in your wheels.

Bloody Bride Bridge (Highway 66) in Stevens Point, WI

Bloody Bride Bridge got its name because supposedly a bride was killed in a car accident on her wedding night.  Although police say the incident was never reported, it’s believed that she still pops up occasionally to haunt people.  Legend has it that a police officer thought he hit a woman with his car, but when he got out, there was no one there.  He hopped back in his vehicle and there she was in the backseat.  People say that if you drive down Highway 66, you’ll see a bride in a bloody gown on the side of the road.  Or you may see her in your backseat when you look in your rearview mirror.

Route 375 (Extraterrestrial Highway) in Rachel, NV

Extraterrestrial Highway runs past the Nevada Test and Training Range which includes the infamous Area 51.  A top-secret military base the government didn’t even admit was real until 2013.  It is believed that the government has a special laboratory where they keep and examine aliens and flying saucers.  There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings and other alien activity in the area.  But you won’t be able to get anywhere near Area 51 to check it out for yourself.  The closest you can drive is 15 miles from the site and they have armed guards patrolling the area.  Flying above Area 51 is also illegal.

Owaissa Street in Appleton, WI

Riverside Cemetery located on Owaissa Street in Appleton, WI is a popular attraction for paranormal enthusiasts.  Specifically, the gravesite of Kate Blood, a witch who allegedly killed her husband and three children.  Visitors say that when there’s a full moon you can see blood oozing out of her tombstone.  They also claim her tombstone feels warmer than other tombstones in the area. 

Boy Scout Lane in Stevens Point, WI

According to the urban legend, Boy Scout Lane is named after a fictional story of a troop of Boy Scouts who were killed more than 20 years ago during a camping trip.  Some stories claim they were murdered by their scout master or bus driver.  Others say they were killed when their bus crashed.  Another theory is that the boy scouts wandered away from their campsite and were killed by a fire that broke out when one of them dropped their lantern.  Regardless of who tells the story, it’s believed that the boys’ spirits still haunt the forest, and you can hear the sounds of them hiking or see their lights flashing.  Some drivers even report seeing small hand prints on their cars after passing through the forest.

Route 2A in Aroostook County, ME

Route 2A is known for being dangerous due to its sharp curves. The road has caused so many fatal accidents, country singer Dick Curless wrote a song about it called “Tombstone Every Mile”.  Route 2A is also popular for being haunted by ghosts and other paranormal activity.  Motorists often say that a woman appears out of nowhere in need of help.  Those who have offered her a ride claim they felt a coldness around her when she entered the vehicle, and she always disappears before you reach the end of the road.  It’s believed that she’s the ghost of a newlywed bride who was in a car accident with her husband in the woods.  He died instantly, but she was able to escape. Unfortunately, she was unable to walk and ended up freezing to death. 

“Annie’s Road” (Riverview Drive) in Totowa, NJ

Legend has it that on prom night, Annie got into a huge fight with her boyfriend on the side of the road.  She got out of the car, slammed the door and started walking.  Sadly, she ended up being picked up by a group of drunken sailors who abused and murdered her.  They say if you want to see her ghost, come around midnight playing oldies with your headlights off, and she’ll appear in your rearview mirror.  She’s known to cause accidents every year on the anniversary of her death.