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With the craziness of a pandemic in the world, the government is giving taxpayers a break by extending the tax filing deadline.  Americans now have until July 15th to file and pay any tax due without penalty.  And while you have extra time, procrastinating isn’t the smartest idea, especially if you’re due a refund.  ezTaxReturn.com makes it easy, fast and stress-free for anyone to file a return from the safety and comfort of their own home.  The one size fits all program covers the most popular forms taxpayers need.  Here are some good reasons to stop dragging your feet and do your taxes ASAP.

Uncle Sam owes you a refund

Most people who file a tax return get a refund.  In fact, more than 90 million refunds have been issued already this year with an average payment of $2,770.  That’s extra money you can save or use to pay bills.  However, the only way to get your hands on the cash is to file a tax return.  The good news is ezTaxReturn.com makes it easy for you to do your own taxes even if you’ve never done taxes yourself before. There’s no math, no forms, no stress. Plus, you’ll get all the credits and deductions the law allows.  Since 1999, millions of taxpayers have used ezTaxReturn to successfully e-file and get the biggest possible refund. 

You’re entitled to a stimulus check

Eligible taxpayers can receive an Economic Impact Payment of $1,200 ($2,400 for married couples filing a joint return).  Additionally, you can receive $500 per qualifying child.  Forty-four million people have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus pandemic began.  If you’re one of them, chances are you don’t just want your stimulus check, but you need it badly. If you haven’t filed a federal tax return for 2018 or 2019, do it now to get your payment.  Most taxpayers qualify for a FREE federal return with ezTaxReturn so start now.  Once you submit your return, the information will be used to calculate your economic income payment. 

You don’t want to become a victim of tax fraud

The longer you wait to do your taxes, the more time criminals have to file a fraudulent return on your behalf.  Remember, taxpayers can only file one federal return per year, so if they file using your information before you file, you can kiss your refund goodbye.  Your return will be rejected when you try to file, and the crook will be off to find their next victim.  Don’t leave anything to chance, the best way to file your taxes online is with ezTaxReturn.com.  It’s fast, easy and you may qualify for a FREE federal return.

You can file now and pay later

Waiting until the last minute to file begs for rushing to make a mistake. The closer you get to the deadline, the more competition you’ll encounter. If you forgot a record needed for a credit or deduction, you’ll have to scramble. If you need customer support, you may have to wait in line. And if you’re surprised by an unexpected tax bill, you may not have the time you need to come up with the cash. That translates into extra cost for penalties and interest. Filing early saves you hassle and stress. Maybe trimming non-essential expenses from your budget will help pay the unexpected bill or maybe you’ll need to get a part-time job to cover your debt.  But the earlier you file, the more time you’ll have time to weigh your options.  Then you can send the IRS a check, pay by credit card or have the funds withdrawn on a specific date.  Or you can plan to apply for an installment agreement and make monthly payments.

Like it or not, you’re required to file anyway

It may not be your favorite activity but if you earned more than $12,200 in 2019 then you’re required to file a tax return.  So, do it now and get it out the way.  ezTaxReturn.com makes preparing your own taxes fast, easy and dare we say it, almost fun.  Like a GPS, they’ll guide you through your return from start to finish.  As long as you enter accurate information, you’ll get accurate results.

How to file your own taxes

So far, over 59 million people have prepared their own tax returns this year and you can too. Even if you’re a total newbie to doing taxes, ezTaxReturn.com makes it fast and easy to file from the comfort of your own home. There’s no software to download or install, and no prior tax knowledge needed.  If you’re unfamiliar with how to file your taxes online, here’s how it works.  Simply gather your tax documents and head to ezTaxReturn.com to create an account.  They’ll ask basic questions which you’ll answer using the information from your tax documents.  Think of it as taking an open book test.  Based on your answers, the program will complete the appropriate forms and calculations.  Once you’re done, tell them how you want to receive your refund and e-file your return.  Within 24 hours, your return will be accepted, and you can start tracking your refund.