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From finding the cheapest gas to digital grocery coupons, there’s an app to help you reduce nearly every expense in your budget. But what about the income side of the equation? Can an app help you make Five areas to make your vehicle more fuel efficient
more money? Absolutely, says InCharge(R) Debt Solutions (“InCharge”), a nonprofit financial counseling organization. If using smart phone apps can help you make an extra $100 per month, invested at an 8% annual return, this would yield you a whopping $94,700 after 25 years. Here are its top 5 recommended cash generating Apps.

1. eBay Mobile – Now you can sell your kids’ outgrown clothing and discarded toys from the closet floor, as you organize. The easy-to-use interface imports images and descriptions automatically, but also lets you attach your own smart phone pictures with a single click. Gone are the days of hooking up a digital camera to your computer, transferring pictures, and uploading. eBay Mobile will have you think twice before you toss old books, magazines and clothing into the garbage, proving (once again) that one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

2. Facebook(R) Yard Sale – If you’d rather sell to friends and neighbors, than strangers, or you have larger items that are cost-prohibitive to ship, consider the new Facebook trend: Facebook Yard Sale. Using Facebook’s mobile app, create a group with your community name in it and invite your local friends. Using your phone, you can take pictures and post items for sale. Watch as your group grows and more items are posted by other group members.

3. Go Payment(R) – If you sell items in the real world (craft fairs, garage sales, etc), you can grow your revenue by processing credit card payments on the go. Numerous studies show that people spend more money when paying with a credit card. For $12.95/month (plus 2 – 3% transaction fees), you can purchase a device that enables your smart phone to swipe credit cards.

4. Etsy(R) – Etsy is the place where crafty artisans can start their own businesses with little risk or technological know-how. The new Etsy mobile app allows you to manage your listings and sales from your mobile phone, making it easier to engage with your customers anytime, anywhere.

5. Proven – Looking for a job? Proven helps job seekers apply to jobs instantly from their phones, after receiving alerts that match their search criteria. Once you’ve set up your profile and imported cover letters and resumes, Proven allows you to respond to job postings at breakneck speed. Proven integrates with Craigslist and Indeed to help savvy job seekers get to the front of the applicant line.

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