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The Online Trust Alliance recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the security practices of online tax preparation firms that have agreements with the Internal Revenue Service.  These firms were evaluated on their adoption of the best practices for consumer protection, site security and privacy. Based on their findings, only seven online tax providers were praised for their privacy and site security practices and selected for their “Honor Roll.”  ezTaxReturn.com is pleased to be named on the Online Trust Alliance (otalliance.org) Honor Roll. According to an ezTaxReturn spokesman, “ezTaxReturn.com congratulates the Online Trust Alliance’s goals and efforts to advance the best practices for online safety, data security and privacy. ezTaxReturn.com is compulsive about the privacy and security of our customers’ personal information. We go the distance to ensure that our customers’ data is private, safe and secure; and we’re honored to be named on the Online Trust Honor Roll. “

View the Online Trust Alliance report here.

If you are a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, you can read the article by Laura Saunders here, Six of 13 IRS-Approved Tax Preparers Fail Cybersecurity Test.