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Like most people, do you get all stressed-out when it comes to doing your taxes?  Do you procrastinate just thinking about the paperwork, the math and the complexity of doing your tax return? Fortunately, if you can use a computer, tax preparation and e-file are now easier, faster and less confusing than ever before.

According to the IRS, over 31 million taxpayers used a computer to prepare and e-file their own returns in 2009.  This growing trend towards self-preparation and e-file of tax returns comes with many benefits including lower cost, greater accuracy and faster refunds.  Do-It-Yourself e-filers also get quick confirmation of their returns (usually within 24 hours), private and secure submission of their personal information (no paid preparer needs to know your personal finances) and there’s no paper, postage or trip to the post office!

There are three ways to prepare your own taxes using a computer. You can purchase a CD or DVD at a retail store or on the web, you can purchase and download software from a website, or you can prepare and file directly on a secure website. The first two methods (CD or download) are the most troublesome. They require installing software on your computer that takes up disk space, requires compatibility with your machine, and is subject to any virus or malware that may have invaded your computer. In addition, the CD that you purchase at retail was produced before IRS and states finalized their tax law for 2009. This means if you purchase a CD and install it, you need to download and install upgrades from the Internet before you can use the software. The easiest, fastest and most secure way prepare and e-file your tax return is to go to an Authorized IRS e-file Provider’s website, like www.ezTaxReturn.com,  to do your return.  With most Authorized IRS e-file Providers you are asked a series of questions (like an interview), so you don’t need to bother with math and forms…it’s all done for you! And taxpayers who e-file and choose direct deposit receive their refund in as little as 10 days.  It’s a fast, easy, great way to file your tax return, get your refund quickly, and save some trees, too.